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Corporate Sponsorship: Faculty Advisor

This program will pay the membership dues of an Active AAPG Student Chapter Faculty Advisor at a maximum North America standard dues level, currently US$ (105.00) or US$ (125.00) for those outside North America.

Under this program Chevron will pay the dues of any AAPG Member that serves and remains an AAPG Student Chapter Faculty Advisor if the member so elects. Only one Faculty Advisor per Chapter may be covered under this program at any given time.

Your contact information: Name, School where Chapter is located, and Chapter’s mailing address may be sent by AAPG to Chevron if you elect to have Chevron pay your dues under the Program.

A Faculty Advisor’s dues sponsorship may be renewed each year under this program under two conditions:

  1. Confirmation of the Student Chapter’s Executive Committee that the individual is serving as the Chapter’s Faculty Advisorl
  2. Receipt of the Faculty Advisor Sponsorship Renewal form (see box).

The sponsorship included in this program is for Membership Dues Only, and additions such as airmail publication options, or Divisional Membership shall remain the responsibility of the individual member.

Information on standard dues payment.

AAPG operates on a fiscal year: July 1 – June 30

Mail or Fax completed membership form to:

AAPG Membership Department
P.O. Box 979
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74101-0979, USA

Fax: 918 560-2694 | Phone: 918 584-2555 | 1-800-364-2274 (Toll Free U.S. & Canada)