What's the AAPG Student Chapter difference?

The Student Chapter Program of AAPG is made up of collegiate groups of geoscience students and one of the world's foremost co-educational programs within the geoscience sector with over 245 chapters. It provides students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and serves as a focal point for developing a feeling of professionalism through meeting industry representatives.

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Important Student Chapter Information

Applicants for Student membership are students majoring in geology or in a field of study related to or generally associated with geology at a college of acceptable academic standards.

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 Corporate Sponsorship Program

Chevron Corporation is the sponsor of AAPG’s Corporate Sponsorship Program. Under this Program Chevron will pay the dues of any AAPG Student member if the Student member so elects. Additionally, Chevron will pay the dues of AAPG Members that serve as faculty advisors to Active AAPG Student Chapters.

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