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University of Aberdeen (PDF) 
Posted 7/23/07
University of Nigeria, Nsukka (PDF) 
Posted 7/23/07
San Diego State (PDF) 
Posted 6/7/07
University of Utah (PDF) 
Posted 5/1/07
San Diego State
(PDF)  Posted 11/9/06
LSU Mid year
(PDF)  Posted 9/14/06
University of Nigeria, Nsukka
(PDF)  Posted 7/13/06
New Chapter: Southampton University
(PDF) Posted 6/21/06
University of Utah
(PDF) Posted 5/11/06
University of Nigeria Student Chapter pics
(PDF) Posted 12/27/05
LSU End of year report
(PDF) Posted 11/28/05
ITB 2005 End of year report
(PDF) Posted 11/28/05
University of Indonesia Student Chapter 2004 Report
(PDF) Posted 12/14/04
Student Chapters of Indonesia
Posted 11/19/04
Oman GeoGroup Spring '04
Posted 08/12/04

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